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The K Factor, like most businesses, started as a small venture with a big vision.

In the year 1986, Mr. Suresh Bajaj, set up a small unit of 50 machines, manufacturing and catering to the needs of garment exporters. Exporting to countries like the USA and Europe for brands like Brookes, Boom Club, Limited Express, etc…

Our Services


With a monthly capacity of more than 1,50,000pcs, our stitching line has all the latest machinery in-line to achieve the best results on the garment. Depending on the designs, we can convert any order from scratch to dispatch within 45 days of final approvals. Apart from this, we have distributed our machines to small job workers around our factory which help us working with clients with lesser MOQ.


We have the latest automatic front loading machines to wash the denim garments with a monthly production capacity of more than 1,00,000pcs. We use the latest enzymes and chemicals from top companies to achieve the best results for our customers. Some of the washes we can achieve are Over dyeing, Acid wash, Cloud wash, Stone wash, etc.


We have a wide range of dry processes like scrapping and spraying, whiskering, tagging, PMT, Tearing, PP touchup, etc to achieve all the latest trends and styles which are currently on-going in the market. From a basic denim to a distressed denim, we can achieve it all under one roof.

In effort to save the environment, we constantly work on reducing the water liquid ratio by introducing new technologies and re-using the retreated effluent.


At TKF, we have a well trained and an observant finishing department which checks the garment before it reaches the washing plant and post washing to dispatch. The regular check of the garment at various stage allows us to provide control the quality parameters.

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